Saturday, 30 April 2011

Round 3

1) Turnout in Flintshire's two constituencies was low at the last Assembly
election, why should people vote this time?

If voters want to influence health and education policy over the next five years in Alyn and Deeside then they must vote in this election. This is the election where the people get to have their say on the issues that affect their day to day lives. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise that issues like health, education and jobs, amongst others, are now controlled by the people of Wales so Assembly elections are vitally important to people’s everyday lives. There are a total of twenty areas that the Welsh people now have a say in the running of, and that is thanks to years of campaigning by Plaid Cymru. Recently there was a referendum to improve the law making process that was endorsed by the people. This was a key campaign pledge of Plaid Cymru and one that was delivered by Plaid Cymru. We have been the only party that has consistently advocated for the people of Wales because we believe in the promise and potential of all of the Welsh people. On May 5th we the people of Wales have an opportunity to influence the course of the nation for the next five years. The right to vote was extremely hard won and must never be taken for granted. It is not only in peoples interests that they vote but it must also be considered a duty.

2) What are you personally doing to tackle climate change, and what more
could be done nationally?

I recycle as much of my household waste as is possible, but I am aware that I can do more. At the TCC accountability meeting last Monday in Shotton I was lucky enough to meet Hannah Jewell one of the Welsh Government’s Climate Change Champions. Thanks to Hannah I am now aware of magnificent campaign ’11 actions for 2011’ that are some simple steps that we can all take to reduce our own impact on climate change, this campaign is detailed on Plaid Cymru has been consistent in its advocacy of greater measures to tackle climate change; we are the only party running in Flintshire that is opposed to nuclear power. We have also shown that by tackling climate change we can improve the economy and create jobs as Plaid have announced a £34 million programme for research to secure a low carbon future.  Plaid will continue to support recycling targets of 80% of domestic waste by 2020 and the introduction of a higher landfill tax. We will campaign for changes in public procurement legislation, so that Local Authorities can favour materials from recycled and local sources.

3) After plans to widen the A494 from Queensferry to Ewloe and create a Flint bypass were abandoned, what would you propose to solve Flintshire's
long-standing traffic problems?

The increase in road traffic can be attributable to a rash of poorly thought out development in Flintshire. Unbelievably there were plans to build 20,000 new houses in northeast Wales through the Deeside and Mersey alliance. These plans would have condemned Alyn and Deeside to being a permanent commuter belt for the cities of the northwest of England. Luckily these plans have been dropped thanks to the hard work of the Deffro'r ddraig campaign group supported by Plaid Cymru. We need to have sustainable development that includes provision to have peoples work and home being in the same community. Not only would this alleviate traffic congestion but it would improve the quality of life of most people. Plaid Cymru has a number of ambitious and innovative transport policies that will improve the lives of the people of Alyn and Deeside. Plaid Cymru will ensure that bus routes are where they are needed and not only on the profitable ones. We will also protect concessionary fares for pensioners in Wales. Plaid will also create a not for profit company to run the train service in Wales. This will ensure that our train service is run in the interests of the Welsh people and not for the benefit of shareholders.

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