Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Workers United.

For International Workers Day I wish all the workers out there the best regards on a well earned day of rest if you have one but we must always remember that the fight for workers rights is an ongoing one, we will have our victories and we will have our defeats but we will always fight for the struggle.
It is vital for the well being of all of the people to ensure solidarity. The Con/Dem cuts are an attack on all of the people of Wales. The right wing press will try to divide us by saying that these cuts are necessary to save the economy. But they will not contemplate taxing the very people who caused the problems in the economy. We must remember that the Tories and Labour encouraged the financial services industry to engage in a feverish Ponzi scheme and now their solution to the problems this has created is to attack the vulnerable in our society.
On May 5th deliver your judgement on the gangsters in the London parties, protect your services and vote Plaid twice.
*I have added videos of The Internationale, with lyrics in Castellano and the Hymn of The Spanish Republic in honour of all those who died fighting fascism and defending democracy. We must never forget those martyred for freedom from Andalucía, Aragón, Asturies, Euskadi, Cantabria,  Castilla-La Mancha, Castiella y Llión, Catalunya/ Catalonha, Extremadura, Galiza, La Rioja, Thank you.

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